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How to brainstorm new ideas?

Generate Brand New Ideas

When you first come across the word brainstorm it gives you the feeling of a huge storm coming by. In fact, it is a storm inside you, one that makes you the most active person in the world. That's BRAINSTORMING!

Brainstorm can't be identified as an invention, but rather a self discovery of one's own mind. It's the ability to gather all the scattered cubes in one and form a developed unique idea. Maybe people have brainstormed before, but weren't able to identify themselves as being in the STATE of brainstorming.


For Great Results, Follow Them!!

There has to be procedure for everything and brainstorming has certain procedures to reach your potential or your utmost height of thinking. Yes, it takes your thinking abilities to new heights.


The first rule when brainstorming is to figure the place where you are able to think enlightened and successfully. There are several places where you can reach your potential, but stick to the most comforting one.
What will the place look like?

1- In the morning, windows should be opened in order for you to receive fresh air and for best results sit in the light of the sun (not under the sun). In the evening, you need a medium light, not very high, not very low.

2- You need to have a pleasant view in front of you: A garden, a sea, or a picture of nature.

3- Try to find a comfortable chair giving you a straight back (optional: table)

Brain Workout

When brainstorming consider yourself working out (your mind).

After you knew where you're going to sit, it's time to pick some titles that you'll work on developing. For example: How to solve problem X, how to earn more money, write and article on squidoo (it needs brainstorming), and etc... Identifying what you'll think of is crucial when it comes to brainstorming because it puts your mind in a state of identifying the edge of the topic and here your mind starts to get you subtopics.

Well Hydrated Mind

Breathe well and Drink water to enable Oxygen to reach your mind.

Putting your feeling in the state of brainstorming also needs some steps to follow. These are:

1- Stay on your own: When you're on your own you never get cut and your ideas just flow the way it goes and give you great results.

2- Choose soft background music: As long as it seems a little bit romantic, music makes a huge difference. It could be motivating and some other times depressing. So choose soft but motivating music.

3- Before you start, take a long deep breath and say "I'll move on and I'll find it out" It works!!

4- Wear comfortable clothes: I know it might sound a little bit awkward but wearing non-itching clothes can result in a more working mind.

Stay Focused

Don't let anybody interrupt you or you'll lose your focus.


When you follow the three former procedures with their subtopics, you're on the way to generate great ideas. But what do you need? The answer is a pen and a notebook. (Using a Laptop is not recommended) Brainstorming has two parts: A flowing part, and a development part. And so should be your notebook.

1- The Flowing Part (On the left page): This means that whatever idea comes on your mind about the chosen topic, you just write it down.

2- The Development Part (On the right page): Here you will analyze what you wrote in the flowing part, connect the ideas, and develop a more concise and working idea.

Idea Development

Every topic has a subtopic, and a sub-subtopic. The more subtopics, the more your idea develops.

The maximum duration for brainstorming, in my opinion and experience, would be 2 hours.
The best duration for me is 1 hour.
That is because you'll put your mind in state that it'll work 30% increased from the normal 20% we usually use.
I recommend brainstorming the flowing part for 5 minutes, then the development part for 10 minutes.
If you find your own pace, go for it.

Don't Over Do It

On your first sit, don't over do. It's just like workouts. There's a beginner, intermediate, and advanced pace.

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